Objective-C programming

The big nerd ranch guide

By Aaron Hillegass

Want to write applications for iOS or the Mac ?

This introduction to programming and the Objective-C language is the firts step of yourjourney from someone who uses apps to someone who writes them.

Based on Big Nerd Ranch's intensive Objective-C Bootcamp, this book covers C, Objective-C, and the common programming idioms that enable developers to make the most of Apple technologies.

This is the only introductory-level book written by Aaron Hillegass, one of the most experienced and authoritative voices in the iOS and Cocoa community.

Compatible with Xcode 4.2, iOS 5, and Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion), this guide features short chapters and engaging style to keep you motivated and moving forward. At the same time, Aaron's determination that you understand what you're doing - or at least why you're doing it - encourages you to think critically as a programmer.

Here are some of the topics covered :

  • Programming basics : variables, loops, functions, etc
  • Objects, classes, methods, and messages
  • Pointers, addresses, and memory management
  • Using Xcode, Apple's documentation, and other tools
  • Classes from the Foundation framework
  • ARC and retain cycles
  • Properties
  • Blocks
  • Categories
  • Delegation, target-action, and notification design patterns

To know more about the author Aaron Hillegass, follow this link : https://www.bignerdranch.com/about/the-team/aaron-hillegass/