Learn C on the Mac

Fully updated fourth edition of the Classic C Programming Primer for the Mac !

This book is a primer to programming in general and to the C programming language specifically. You will not only learn to program in C in any environment but also take your fisrt steps towards learning how to program for the Mac as well as the iPhone. Learn C on the Mac offers a full course in programming, covering such concepts as functions, variables, operators, data types, file managmenet, typecasting, unions, recursion, linked listes, binary trees, and more.

I wrote this book because I love teaching people how to program and because I wish this book had existed when I was first learning C. Learn C on the Mac is a perfect starting point for any Mac owner who wants to learn programming with the full power of C.

Dave Mark is a longtime Mac developer ans author of more than a dozen titles including Beginning iPhone development, The Macintosh Programming Primer series, and Ultimate Mac Programming.

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Companion ebook available

Source code from the book available online on GitHub https://github.com/apress/learn-c-on-mac