iPhone and iPad App

24-Hour trainer by Abhishek Mishra, Gene Backlin

Dive into the exciting world of iOS app development ! Are you eager to jump on the app bandwagon but are unfamiliar with iOS or perhaps lack coding experience? If so, this all–in–one tutorial is exactly what you need to get started on your journey of iOS application development. Aimed at getting novices up to speed and into the app action, this book–and–DVD package provides you with nearly 40 instructive lessons. Each lesson introduces a single topic, each building in complexity as you walk through the steps to create a simple iOS application.

iPhone and iPad App 24–Hour Trainer :

  • Offers a clear introduction to iOS, providing you with a solid foundation of a development environment
  • Walks you through the basics of object–oriented programming principles and key Objective–C concepts
  • Explores Cocoa Touch and demonstrates how to use the Cocoa Touch® framework
  • Discusses Storyboards, iCloud document storage, Core Image, Twitter integration, Map Kit, Core Location, and Core Motion Features helpful appendices that cover on–device testing, Ad Hoc distribution, Automatic Reference Counting (ARC), and App Store distribution
Hours of Video (DVD included)
Don′t just learn—do!
Each lesson in the book is accompanied by an instructional video.
You′ll learn to:
  • Use Storyboards
  • Incorporate Twitter
  • Use iCloud document storage
  • Incorporate iTunes file sharing
  • Use Core Motion Perform image processing with Core Image
  • Incorporate printing
  • Work with tab bars, navigation controllers, and table views
  • Create page–based applications and views that scroll Incorporate touches and gestures
  • Build universal applications
  • Use Map Kit
  • Build background–aware apps
Table of Contents
  1. Lesson 1: Hello iOS !
  2. Lesson 2: The iOS Simulator
  3. Lesson 3: A Tour of Xcode
  4. Lesson 4: iOS Application Basics
  5. Lesson 5: Introduction to Storyboards
  6. Lesson 6: Handling User Input
  7. Lesson 7: Communicating with Your Users
  8. Lesson 8: Adding Images to Your View
  9. Lesson 9: Pickers
  10. Lesson 10: Date Pickers
  11. Lesson 11: Custom Pickers
  12. Lesson 12: Navigation Controllers
  13. Lesson 13: Table Views
  14. Lesson 14: Static Table Views
  15. Lesson 15: Tab Bars and Toolbars
  16. Lesson 16: Creating Page-Based Applications
  17. Lesson 17: Creating UI Elements Programmatically
  18. Lesson 18: Creating Views That Scroll
  19. Lesson 19: Popovers and Modal Views
  20. Lesson 20: Tweeting with Twitter
  21. Lesson 21: Basic File Handling
  22. Lesson 22: Property Lists
  23. Lesson 23: Application Settings
  24. Lesson 24: iTunes File Sharing Support
  25. Lesson 25: Introduction to iCloud Storage
  26. Lesson 26: Introduction to Core Data
  27. Lesson 27: XML Parsing with NS XMLParser
  28. Lesson 28: Consuming SOAP Web Services
  29. Lesson 29: Touches and Gestures
  30. Lesson 30: Printing
  31. Lesson 31: Basic Animation with Timers
  32. Lesson 32: Introduction to Core Image
  33. Lesson 33: Building Universal Applications
  34. Lesson 34: Wh ere Am I? Introducing Core Location
  35. Lesson 35: Introducing Map Kit
  36. Lesson 36: Using the Camera and Photo Library
  37. Lesson 37: Introduction to Core Motion
  38. Lesson 38: Building Background-Aware Applications
  39. Appendix A: What's on the DVD ?