iOS 5 Recipes, a problem-solution approach

is your guide to developing solutions on iPad, iPhone, and other iOS 5 devices and platforms. This book provides in-depth code samples and discussions that will help you meet the challenges the developers face every day. You'll find numerous examples of real-world cases that will enable you to quickly and efficiently build fully functional applications.

The recipes included in this book are wide in scope and have been geared toward the professional developer. They show you how to :

  • Make your apps truly stand out with brilliant animations and multimedia
  • Enhance your game apps with GameCenter
  • Develop powerful apps with the latest Xcode
  • Extend your apps with TableView, UIView, and core graphics.

Clear and concise code samples accompany each recipe as well as cutting-edge solutions that bring forth the best that the iOS 5 SDK has to offer.

To download the code for free, follow this GitHub link

Book coverage

With iOS 5 Recipes, you'll learn about working with interface builder in Xcode 4.2, building applications that use animation and multimedia, "creating location-aware apps, as well as the best practices for iOS application design and development.

Whether you're developing business apps, games, utilities, or multimedia apps, you'll find iOS 5 Recipes, a problem-solution approach an indispensable tool for all of your iOS development needs.