Beginning iOS Application development with HTML and JavaScript  - Richard Wagner

Are you already proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Ajax and eager to create apps that can be rapidly deployed across mobile devices - but you don't want to have to learn a whole new technology in oder to do so ?

Then this is the book for you. Written by an experienced web designer and developer, this helpful guide enables you to use what you already know and gets you up to speed quickly with applying your existing skills to the mobile platform so that you can start developing apps for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad today. After an introduction to iOS development using web technologies, the book then explains how to work with core technologies, enable and optimize websites for the iPhone and iPad, style with CSS, program the interface, and, ultimately, submit your apps to the App Store.

Nos autres livres en destockage sur le thème du développement informatique sur plateforme Macintosh iOS (en anglais) :

Beginning iOS Application Development with HTML and JavaScript:

  • Zeroes in on handling touch interactions, detecting an orientation change, and changing a style sheet when orientation changes

  • Explores animation, special effects, gradients, shadows and reflections, masks, and more

  • Demonstrates how to interact with native iPhone services

  • Addresses programming the canvas, building with web app frameworks, handling bandwidth and performance optimizations, and debugging and deploying

  • Shows how you can use PhoneGap to create a native iOS app

  • Highlights comparing the strengths of web apps and native apps

Richard Wagner is Lead Product Architect of Mobile/Web at Maark, LLC. He is an experienced web designer and developer and the author of several web-related books on the underlying technologies of the iPhone application platform.

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